Horizontal Lap Siding

Horizontal lap siding can be made from a number of types of materials including wood, aluminum, vinyl or fiber cement. Also, the colors and finishes are numerous as well.

Wood Strip Siding

Wood strip siding is one of the more expensive options available and the cost is dependent on the type of wood used. It is also necessary to install a waterproof membrane behind the siding.

Brick, Stone, Stucco

These materials are perhaps the most prevalent of siding applications and their properties, cost and maintenance vary greatly also. Bob Davis Construction can take your dream and make it reality.

Siding Maintenance

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

One of the primary reasons so many home owners choose vinyl siding is that vinyl siding is one of the lowest-cost, easiest types of siding to maintain. Vinyl siding also has very good characteristics when measuring for insulation value.

Painted Surface Siding

Everyone hates painting, except maybe painters. Painted surfaces wear eventually and all painted surfaces will need to be repainted at some point. Additionally, painting often requires scrapping or blasting the old paint from the surface before new paint is added.