Hardwood & Cork

Wood floors are attractive, warm & can tie the kitchen with the rest of the home. Although cork tiles are scratch resistent they damaged by heavy furniture and direct sunlight.

Tile & Stone

Tile comes in ceramic, porcelain and quarry and can be glazed (water & scratch resistent) or non-glazed. Stone flooring such as granite, marble, slate & limestone are beautiful, long-lasting & very expensive.

Vinyl & Laminate

Laminate is more affordable than wood but susceptible to warping when exposed to moisture. Vinyl is the least expensive flooring material, easy to install and maintain and lasts for many years.

Primary Considerations With Tile Flooring

Keeping Grout Clean

Floor Tile comes in a multitude of styles, colors, finishes, sizes and more, but the one common denominator is grout. A tile floor is very beautiful and can last many years but grout gets dirty and looks terrible when it does. The subject of keeping grout clean regularly is a topic that often goes untouched.

Very Susceptible To Damage

Tile is very easy to break when something heavy is dropped on it, but replacing the tile presents a whole new set of issues. The first thing to consider is did you purchase extra tile initially, the second consideration is did you purchase extra grout at the time and lastly, how much will it cost to keep replacing tiles?