Ball Type Faucets

A ball faucet is washerless with a single handle which controls a special plastic or metal ball on the inside. The ball’s position & the lever assembly control the flow, mixture & temperature of the water.

Disc Type Faucets

The single handle disc faucet has a spout lever over a wide cylindrical body and moves up and down, side to side. The disc faucet mixes cold and hot water in a mixing chamber called a pressure balance cartridge.

Cartridge Type Faucets

Cartridge faucets come in both single and two handle versions. The temperature of water is controlled by the side to side rotation of the handle volume of water is controlled by the levers up & down position.

Different Types of Kitchen Faucets

Popular Faucet Brands

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American Standard



Style, Finish, Spigot Type

Many people only get as far as the way a kitchen faucet looks, the color, the finish, then handle types, etc. without realizing there are very specific differences in faucet types. Ball, Disc & Cartridge faucets are all “washerless” whereas compression faucets so use a rubber or neoprene washer. Let Bob Davis explain.