Redwood Decks

The plus side to choosing redwood for your deck material is that it is easy to work with, naturally rot and insect resistant and it is rugged enough to avoid warping & splitting.

Cedar Decks

Cedar decks are a great choice in that they resist moisture, rot and insect infestation. When left untreated weathering causes the cedar to turn a silvery gray, however, stain and sealer preserves the natural look.

Composite Decks

Composite materials are now available that won’t warp, split, change color with weathering or time and will last for a very long time. Composite materials are fairly expensive compared to some lumbar.

Planning Your Dream Deck

You Need A Permit

As with a majority of all building or remodeling projects, securing a permit is a headache, but a necessity if you plan on observing the law and avoiding fines and a greater headache down the road.

Should You Call a Pro?

Unless you feel confident in your ability to seek out and follow all necessary building codes, city ordinances, state laws, etc., it is a good idea to consult your city planning and building department to understand what all you need in order to stay in compliance with local, city and state laws and ordinances