Do I Need A Permit?

You will need a permit for all new construction, including the following items which you may not be aware of: fences, retaining walls, sheds, driveways, swimming pools, carports and any demolitions.

Do I Need A Contractor?

The short answer is “NO”. Should I hire a contractor? The not-so-short answer to that question is “You better think long and hard about who will take care of licenses, permits, building codes, inspections, etc….

Do I Need Inspections?

YES. The list of things required by law related to building is long and often complicated. If your project includes concrete, electrical or any lines that must be buried, they all include inspections.

Important Things To Know About Room Additions

Building Permits

You need permits to build, that is the law. Bob Davis Construction is licensed and insured in the State of Oklahoma and know exactly what to do for whatever your construction needs are. D-I-Y may be acceptable for some things, but for others, like construction, you may not know what you are in for.

Building Plans

In order to be in compliance with State and City laws and ordinances, following the proper procedures and protocols requires, at the least, prudence and more accurately, a certain amount of expertise. Bob Davis Construction is well versed in everything necessary to make your project successful.